Our forward training courses are built on a faith-based curriculum. Our mission is to educate, support, and inspire life-changing growth in men and women. Childcare is provided, as well as a meal for the Jobs For Life and Faith and Finance classes

Here is the Spring lineup that will guide you in choosing the best class for your life needs.
GED Prep Class
GED classes for men and women give those who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn their high school equivalency credential, thereby assisting them in becoming self-sufficient. There are many reasons to help men and women receive their GED: employment, opportunity for further education, self-esteem, increased income, setting an example for their children, less pressure and worry about losing their job, and independence from welfare assistance.
Faith and Finance
Do you have debt? No emergency fund? Do not live within a budget? Learn basic financial management that you can put into practice creating good financial habits and methods. Especially helpful for people with low or fixed income.
Computer Basics
A rudimentary course on how to navigate basic functions on the computer.
Jobs for Life
A training course to engage adult students in an environment that will help them learn key knowledge, principles and skills while promoting a community of support and accountability. Learn how to build a professional resume, gain interview skills and develop communication techniques.
Computer Training
Computer skills prepare participants for career advancement. This Spring we will be learning Microsoft excel to create and use spreadsheets and databases.
Adult Reading & Writing
This is an individualized adult reading and writing course. We will help improve your reading and writing skills, prepare you for the High School Equivalency test and improve your language skills.
At Forward Training, we look forward to seeing you soon. It is our desire to help turn the tide of unemployment in Hood County. Many employers are seeking our graduates as their hiring pool. The services Forward Training Center can offer are unlimited. For more information please visit https://forwardtrainingcenter.org/spring-2018-classes or call us at 817-573-6677 or you can email us at info@forwardtrainingcenter.org.