Interview with Katy Offutt, Executive Director.

With everything going on related to the global pandemic – it’s okay to feel stressed, sad and all the other emotions. Everyone is going through a lot right now, so it’s important to find and spread positivity where we can.

If you’re feeling a bit lost, that’s completely normal. We talked with our Executive Director, Katy Offutt, on some ways to spread to keep your spirits up and spread a little joy during these unprecedented times.

1.Video Chat As Often As Possible

If you have access to a phone, tablet or laptop, communicate with your loved ones! Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp your friends and family often. There are even fun virtual games you can play, or you can both eat dinner like you’re together.

Keep it lighthearted. “Share something good about your day, and of course ask about a pleasant moment in their day,” said Katy. “Talk about something different other than the Covid19.”

2. Clean and Organize

Since we’re all stuck at home, use the extra time to dive into those cleaning projects you’ve put off for a few years! Maybe it’s cleaning out a closet, organizing the garage or building a planter for your yard! You’ll feel productive and satisfied with your space.

3. Give to a Those in Need

“While you’re cleaning closets, organize and make a generous group of donations for charity,” said Katy. There are many local organizations receiving more requests from community members for assistance with items. See the list on our resources page. 

4. Enjoy Time in Nature

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air! You can even turn it into a new hobby for you or the entire family.

“Enjoy nature by collecting leaves and stones and create a nature book with your family,” Katy mentioned. “After collecting items, if you have internet, try to identify the items and learn about them. See if you can guess the name of the bird you see in your tree, turn fun moments into teaching moments!”

5. Write a Letter

Doesn’t it feel so special to receive a handwritten letter from someone?

Send a special message to someone you care about, so they know how much they mean to you. 

“Everyone loves receiving a letter, especially grandparents,” Katy said.

6. Read a Psalms a Day

“Read a Psalms a day, particularly the 23rd Psalms, and maybe read out loud,” Katy said. “God will be glad to hear your voice.”

If you don’t have access to a Bible, or would like a prayer, our Prayer Team is here for you. Email for anonymous help.

7. Start Journaling

Journaling can be a great way to get the sad thoughts out of your head without having to say them out loud to someone.

“Journal your thoughts and feelings during this time, and maybe when the crisis has lifted go back and reflect on what you wrote,” Katy suggested.

8. Play a board game or puzzle

Have a laugh! Board games are always a way to lighten the mood.

“Dust off the board games and have healthy competition by awarding the winners with relinquishing their house duties/chores,” Katy said. 

If you don’t have a game, make one or find one online! Get creative with card games and activities at home.

9. Have a Jam session

Play music, practice music or belt it out. It’s a great way to clear your mind!

“Listen to music, something uplifting like a praise and worship song,” Katy said. “Or maybe a little rock and roll oldie and sing along and dance a little!”


This is a new time for everyone, and we’re all facing some form of challenges. Remember to ask for help if you need it, and spread kindness among others. 

“It’s normal to have feelings of grief of loss of our freedoms, grief of fear of the ‘what if’s,’ especially if you cannot see your loved ones,” Katy stressed. “It is healthy to be honest that it is a hard time.”

We will get through this. Please contact us today if you have any questions. Check our resources page if you need assistance or would like to help.