It’s a new year, which means a new year of goals and changes, even when it comes to business. A great way to practice good business in 2020 is improving philanthropic efforts in your workplace!

Business attendees and sponsors at our recent gala fundraiser

Philanthropy is often viewed as something that you can contribute to after the workday is done and you have a steady income from your career. In most cases, philanthropic efforts are separate from the workplace. But what if that wasn’t the norm?

We can all agree that volunteering and giving truly makes you feel good inside and changes lives! But what if we told you that there can be an actual ROI for businesses that have an active, present relationship with charities in their community?


It’s been studied and proven that the majority of people would rather invest in a business that is socially responsible. In fact, AdWeek reported that 70 percent of millennials will spend more on brands that support causes. In addition, it’s great marketing for your business

Improve your community:

In a small town like Granbury, your philanthropic efforts towards local nonprofits have a bigger impact that we can even measure.

At Forward Training Center, for example, we are training students to grow in their careers and develop new skills through free classes and programs. These include GED Prep, computer and finance skills. In turn, these are changing the poverty cycle in our community and introducing individuals into the workforce. We have even had several of our amazing business partners hire some of our graduates!

Employee Retention:

Most people enjoy working for a company that has values similar to their own. A great way to improve employee morale is by showing how much your business cares and gives back to your local community.

Tax Deduction:

Besides the many other reasons, donating to a nonprofit is an immediate benefit towards a business. Besides the many other reasons a business should give back, fiscal rewards are the extra bonus that says, “why not?”


Philanthropy isn’t just now becoming more fun, it’s always been fun and so incredibly rewarding. There are many reasons why your company should make philanthropic donations, more than we listed, and any reason that motivates you is a great one. Charitable causes can change your business and work culture, it’s financially practical for your business, and it improves our local community.

Elevate the work-life balance and turn philanthropic efforts into the new norm at the workplace. This can start from monthly outings to help a charity of choice, donating, or volunteering together as a team!

We also want to take this change and sincerely thank all of the local business who continue their relationship with Forward Training Center. You are a blessing!