“God gave you this life because He knows that you’re strong enough to live it.. Don’t give up.”

On Friday, May 18, seven Forward Training Center (FTC) students graduated from the Jobs for Life program. To say that our newest Jobs for Life graduates are the epitome of courageousness, strength and drive would be an understatement.

Graduates included Christina Calahan, Yolanda Figueroa, Tyler Howard, Sean Milligan, Giselle Nugent, Lucas Talmage and Christopher Turpin.

The ceremony took place at the beautiful First Christian Church of Granbury. Just before the presentation of certificates, our students displayed words that described them prior to the program, and then also after. Words like “anxiety” and “depressed,” were replaced with “confident” and “driven.”

Speakers also included Angelique Bondurant, a 2015 graduate with a truly incredible story to share about her FTC journey, and also guest speaker Honorable Judge Kathryn Gwinn.

The Jobs for Life program is much more than the coursework every week, it is about the support, showing students their worth and creating a family through friendships and mentorships. It is Forward Training Center’s goal to instill values, self-worth, love and also establish relationships into every program and every student that takes part in it.

“The mission of the Forward Training Center is to educate support and inspire life-changing growth in men and women of Hood County,” said Jim Lilly, spring 2018 Mentor. “The change that occurred in this spring’s Jobs for Life program didn’t just occur in the students, I know the mentors and friends have also seen and experienced the changes as well. Eight weeks ago we were all different people than we are today…”

The Hood County community is special, and we believe that God has a plan for everyone. It is our plan to help those who need to break the cycle, and we believe that he has given each of our students the strength to take the leap of Faith and go for it.

“We hope to be a beacon, a light and a way for our community to come together,” said Katy Offutt, FTC Executive Director. “We will do our part, and teach and encourage our students to believe in themselves and know that they have value… The mentors and support system [with this program] lets them know that they are loved, they are cared about, then they can take the steps to their wonderful future.”

Congratulations to our graduates, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. You all have so much ahead of you.  

If you have questions about the programs, how to get involved or donating to the cause, please call us at 817-573-6677.