It may seem like a common routine: get an education by going to high school, going to college, graduating, and starting a job. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? But have you ever paused to consider why a worthy education is so sought after?
Of course, an education is essential to give you the lessons to properly prepare you for your chosen profession and to enable you to be successful at it. But a suitable education can provide so much more. It can teach you lessons on how to better yourself as a person and how you can positively make an impact in our often harsh world.
There are few things so precious in this world as faith. It can come in a number of different forms, but no matter what our chosen path to faith is, it shapes our environment and positively impacts it for us and for generations to come.

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That’s why Forward Training is proud to offer a curriculum to students that supports the development of their personal faith, a faith that they can bring into the real world. That’s why we offer a national, faith-based curriculum from both The Chalmers Center and Jobs for Life to offer our students every possible opportunity to develop their beliefs and unique spirituality.
The Chalmers Center focuses on how the church and its members can assist the poor. To them, poverty means more than a lack of finances—poverty is a greater symbol of sin, destruction, and brokenness in our society. That’s why it their mission to arm churches with the appropriate resources and tools to assist the poor, thus breaking both the physical and spiritual restraints of poverty. As a result, the messages of Christ are followed. Forward Training is not only proud to support this curriculum, but we consider it our moral obligation to assist those who are less fortunate.
Jobs for Life seeks to engage and equip the Church to prepare individuals for meaningful work. They recognize that lack of employment can not only be personally devastating to those that it impacts, but that it can also lead to an increase in poverty, crime, homelessness, domestic violence, and even substance abuse. At Jobs for Life, they understand that Christ’s messages arm us to address these consequences of unemployment, and it is their daily mission to help men and women through building honest relationships. We find they work they do exceptional, and we seek to do our part in supporting their mission by offering their curriculum at Forward Training.

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Forward Training understands that lessons of faith and understanding are just as vital for personal and professional success as the lessons found in a text book. If you’d like to learn more about how our faith-based curriculum can help you thrive, contact Forward Training today at 817-573-6677 or at