At Forward Training Center, we have students of all walks of life and ages. A commonality that we see often in this community is students over 50 who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time due to differing circumstances. 

The workforce is constantly changing, which is why we offer career skills including technology knowledge, resume writing, interview skills and more! It’s never too late to brush up on skills to take the next step in your career.

Earlier this year, the wonderful Deedra stumbled upon Forward Training Center from a Facebook advertisement. Her journey through the programs we offer here is incredible, and we’re so proud of her.

We’re here to share her story.

Deedra began with our computer skills classes, two nights a week for four months. 

“They offered computer classes like Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Quickbooks,” Deedra said. “Being out of the workforce and taking care of my mom for three years, I felt like I needed to re-up my computer skills.”

Each class at Forward Training Center is personal and small, and taught by qualified volunteers in the community and staff members of FTC. 

“It was easy to do, we had great instructors who were volunteers in our community,” Deedra said. “Even though some programs didn’t change all that much, it got me back in touch with what I need to have for a job.”

Many of our students start with one class at Forward Training Center, then get involved with other courses, too!

“I was then introduced to Jobs for Life,” Deedra said. “I didn’t know what it was at first, but now I would recommend this program to anyone. Any age, whatever background you have, it’s a great place. It’s a fantastic blessing.”

Jobs for Life is a faith-based program focused on mentorship, personal-growth and career success. There is nothing else like it in our community.

“I learned how to be positive, how to dress for success, and I learned that I am valuable,” Deedra said. “I learned how to interview, I learned more about God. I learned how to write a resume and make it better. It’s an amazing program.”

Deedra landed two interviews back-to-back and felt confident stepping forward in her career. 

“Because of my knowledge and information learned at Jobs for Life, my recent interviews asked exactly what I learned,” Deedra said. “If it can happen for me, it can happen for you.”

And, she’s so right! Guess what? Deedra got the job!

See the entire video of our interview with Deedra here. Find out about upcoming classes today by emailing us at or calling 817-573-6677!