We believe that an educated and empowered adult can lead to a transformed life AND family life.

An educated parent has the potential to break the poverty cycle, and encourage educated habits and learning lifestyles for their children. Low-income children suffer the consequences of parents’ economic struggles.

Often, when we talk about education and the opportunities associated with it, we speak in reference to children and young adults, which, of course, is crucial. The fact is, like other human rights, the right to education truly knows no age range. 

The future achievement of poverty-stricken children is related to the length of time they live in poverty. Persistently poor children are 13 percent LESS likely to complete high school and 43 percent less likely to complete college. This is based on (1968–2009) data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID).

Investing time to teach adults for a valuable career can change this. Educating parents has the proven power to change poverty and unemployment as we know it!

Children raised in uneducated and impoverished families will have an 83% chance of not rising above poverty-level salaries as adults. These statistics make it clear that proper education for our future generations can start with the folks raising them. Adult education has a higher economical, social and cultural impact. 

To change this shocking statistic and Be the Bridge for families, we offer a variety of help to our students for free.

Our classes and programs are specifically geared to empower men and women to grow in their career knowledge and life skills, creating a better life for themselves and their families. We offer FREE classes that are Faith-based and include a family of supporters along the way. We even offer free childcare during our classes to parents who qualify.

We can work together to change poverty in our community. Get involved today – whether it’s volunteering, taking classes, teaching, donating, and more. 

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