In Hood County, there is a serious need for assistance for those stuck in the cycle of poverty, without anyone to look for a helping hand. It is the goal of the Forward Training Center of Hood County to do just that for those who need it in our community.

The Forward Training Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to educate, support and inspire life-changing growth in men and women. This is done through Faith-based mentorship, classes and guidance programs. Hundreds of people have graduated through the Forward Training Center program (formally Christian Women’s Job Corp.), and are moving forward in life taking large strides in the right direction, knowing their true potential to accomplish all of their goals.

Debbie Childers, a Forward Training Center graduate and now volunteer, explained that the Forward Training Center truly helped her figure out what she is capable of in her life.

“If you didn’t know what you wanted to do in life, they can help you find your way,” Childers said. “I truly didn’t know my direction, or even which way to go. They helped with all of that.”

There are numerous classes offered, and the Spring 2018 classes are just around the corner. These classes specialize in many different things. Students of all ages can even come to earn their GED, or participate in mock interviews to prepare them for their career.

“I’ve learned computer and finance skills, and I’ve also taken social classes,” Childers said. “The finance class was really good for me. They even have a cooking class available!”

Debbie Childers

Forward Training Center changes lives everyday, and will continue to do so in the Hood County area. Childers explained that it’s more than just programs and classes for the students.

“I think [Forward Training Center] literally pushes people forward and truly helps the community. As a single mom, it helped me get on my feet and gain some personal skills,” Childers said. “It makes people realize their worth and ability to go out and do something with their life. Everyone from your trainer and mentor, to other students and even the child care… they all care about you.”

Find out more about our Spring 2018 classes, volunteer opportunities and more by calling 817-573-6677.