Hood County is a special place, and last week it was proven yet again for us. A room full of selfiess individuals came together Thursday night with a goal to eradicate the poverty cycle in Hood County through fundraising for Forward Training Center of Hood County and our brand-new home.

On March 8, we held our first-ever “Community in Unity” event to show off our new home and also spread the word about Forward Training Center’s mission. And wow, what a turnout.

The room was packed with caring individuals all passionate about a single cause – changing the cycle of poverty through faith-based classes that instil confidence and skills to individuals who need it in our community. And, our classes are completely free to our students.

Guests toured the new facilities, learned about Forward Training Center and dozens lined up to donate $100 on the spot for the “$100×100 = moving forward” campaign. Spirits and excitement levels were high as the spring classes are quickly approaching, which couldn’t be possible without the individuals who donate their time and money to our cause.

Katy Offutt, Executive Director, explained how amazing it was to have the support of all the individuals in the room that evening.

“Our Community in Unity Event showed our support from so many Residents, elected officials on State, County, City levels, and School Administration came to celebrate Forward Training Center’s New Home at 600 W. Pearl,” Offutt said. “Many thanks to all of you… We are impacting lives!”

Brian Birdwell, Texas State Senator for District 22, was also in attendance for the event. Birdwell showed his support for everything happening at Forward Training Center of Hood County.

“So nice to be with the awesome men and women at the Forward Training Center last night,” Birdwell said. “Formerly the Christian Women’s Job Corps, they are faith-based life-skills training organization for low-income Hood County citizens, working daily to prepare the these men and women to enter the workforce and succeed. Clients can complete a GED, learn how to “dress for success” and equip themselves with critical basic computer skills…. Thank you to all the team members who make this important ministry happen!”

Thank you to all who came out to support us. We couldn’t do it without you! Stay tuned for our next fundraiser at Stumpy’s Lakeside Grill!